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Welcome to Construction Systems
Welcome to Construction Systems! The goal of this class is to introduce students to the basic concepts of the construction process.  At a minimum, the students will be able to become an avid DIY, which stands for Do It Yourself with respect to building and light construction.
Quarter 3 - 2017
February 27, 2017
Wednesday-Build picnic table

Wood Plaque Project - 25 Points
Week 23   Project 4: Wood Burned Plaque.
                 Wood Burning Design
                 Lumber selection and preparation.
                 Wood Burn a design and finish plaque.
                 Students finish all project work.

Wood Plaque Success Tips
  1. Soft woods with minimal grain, such as pine or aspen, are easier to burn than hardwoods. 
  2. As you work, use sandpaper to lightly brush away any residue or buildup from the tip of the woodburning pen. If you do this while the tip is hot, avoid holding the sandpaper in your hands or touching the paper more than a second. 
  3. Use a small pair of pliers to remove hot tips safely and easily. Place hot tips in a small glass or metal dish to cool. Even though cool tips can be handled safely, use pliers to insert them into the barrel of a hot tool. 
  4. Let the woodburning pen do the work -- don't force it. Too much pressure can bend hot tips. 
  5. Try out new steps and techniques on a sample board cut from the same material you're burning. Practice with different tips to see how they burn and what types of lines and patterns they create. 
  6. Keep the woodburning pen out of the reach of children and away from flammable materials.

Create Woodburning Designs

To transfer a design, first download, print, and (if necessary) assemble the paper pattern. Place transfer paper between the pattern on top and the wood below, and trace the lines of the pattern with a pencil or ballpoint pen to create the design on the wood.


Usewoodburning tool to burn the design into the wood with the appropriate tip. To prevent fire or injury, follow all safety instructions that came with the kit.

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