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Over the course of the year we will explore technology trends, uses of technology, troubleshooting techniques and strategies necessary in today's technology-centric culture.
Create a presentation (shared with me) in Google Docs describing the specifications (specs)  for the following devices:
  • iPad mini 
  • iPad 3
  • Kindle Fire HD
Make a recommendation about which device would be best for a 10 year old to use for watching video,  playing educational games, and accessing the internet.

Make sure to include pictures on each slide and use good presentation techniques to communicate your message.

Include your sources at the end of the presentation on a separate slide.

Presentations are due by Monday.

If you finish in class, continue with Code Academy!

Edit the following files so they will open in a browser.  They will be used as part of the PowerSchool documentations I send home to parents.


Parent Portal 2010

Leave all special characters in the document.  These are used by PowerSchool to display content from the database.

WebIDCode- make the following enhancements:
  • Increase the Header size to H3 for ^(school name) in line 1
  • Bold line 6 ^(first_name) ^(last_name)
  • Bold ^(Web_ID) and ^(Web_Password)
  • Add an appropriate size Heading above the line Either you or....
  • Add a Heading above the line The Grades and Attendance....
  • Bold ^(Student_Web_ID) and ^(Student_Web_Password)
Parent Portal 2010- make the following enhancements
  • add an H2 Header called Parent Portal Directions.
  • Bold ^(First_Name) ^(Last_Name)  through (Zip)
  • Change 2010 to 2012-2013
  • Step 4, Bold First Name, Last Name, Email, Desired Username, Password, Password
  • Renumber remaining steps correctly- note there are two 4's.
  • New Step 5, Bold Enter Parent's Access ID, Enter Parent's Access Password, and choose the correct one from the drop down box


10/19/12- Apple ID Presentation
I am away today attending training that will help you be better prepared for the future.  Please report to Study Hall and follow Ms. Anliker's rules. 

Apple ID Presentation
Today we will be creating material for immediate use.  Complete the following:
  • Research the ability to create an Apple ID that is not linked to a credit card
  • Research how to create a secure password
  • Research how to put an iTunes Gift Card on an account directly from the iPad
  • Create a presentation summarizing these points that can be used when a new 6th Grader enrolls and I train the parents on iPad usage.
  • Cite your references used on the references slide.
Criterial for the Presentation:
  • Use Google Docs for your presentation
  • Share it with Mr. Heinig
  • Slides to include are:
  • Title Slide, Apple ID Overview, Procedure, Secure Password Creation, iTunes Gift Card Overview, Adding iTunes Cards to your iPad, References
  • This is due at the beginning of class on Monday.
This should take you most of the class period. 

Cover it Live
Cover it LIve (CIL) is a service used by major companies around the world to communicate with its audiences.  While I am away, you and I will be communicating using this tool.  

I will be hearing from you at least once during the class period.  You are to keep the CIL window open during the class for communication from me.  

If you complete this assignment prior to the end of class, continue with your Code Academy modules. 

In this weeks journal write a paragraph about eachof the types of connections listed below. Include a picture of each connection


Include the URL where you found your information.

Code Academy- continue to press on in the curriculum. 

Read about e-Waste and the issues centered around electronics recycling.  The sites listed below will give you background knowledge to incorporate into your journal entry this week.

Create a journal entry explaining:
  • What is e-waste
  • Statistics proving it is a problem
  • Recycling issues (prisoners, 3rd world countires, etc...
  • Advantages of recycling over trashing electronics
  • Cite sources that you used in your journal entry
This journal entry should be in your shared Google Doc with me.

Continue to work on the HTML lessons, or if completed, the module you are currently working on independently.
Complete Journal Entry
Write a letter to a teacher who needs help with presentation skills. What 3 pieces of advice would you give them?  Provide an example they can use of each concept you address.  This can be a picture, or a written explanation.  
The minimum length for the journal entry is 5 paragraphs.  Insert images after the paragraph explaining your advice.

Begin Codeacademy
Visit the Site
Create an account using your school email.
Completion of the first unit will be complete prior to the end of the 1st 9 Weeks.

Personal Presentation
This assignment should be nearing completion.  It will be ready to present within 3 working days.

Put finishing touches on this presentation as needed.

Continue Personal Presentation.
Discuss Reading Assignment from Atomic Learning

Finish individual Tech Assignments
Begin My Big Campus Enrollment
Atomic Learning
Atomic Learning is a service that RCSC has subscribed to provide tutorials relevant to teaching Digital Learners.
Accounts are created using your RensselaerSchools email. 
Overview of the site will be given today.

Complete the assigned AL training by Wednesday, beginning of class.
Journal Entry will be given Friday to complete by Monday, 9/17.

Personal Presentation
Shared Document with Project Requirements
Due Date is not set. 
Work on this when other projects assigned are completed

Website Redesign Project
Transfer sites from Van to RCPS as needed
Work on MBC account redirection
Work on IXL account redirection
Configure IWB Extron Controls
Deliver Extron VoiceLift Systems

Assignments due Monday
Journal Entry 2

9/5/2012- Computer Performance and Maintenance
Assignments Due
Strata Reviews 1-4
Journal Entry
Strata Sessions 5-6Assignments
Complete Review Assignments for Session 5
Due Friday 9/7/12

Journal Entry 2 
Give a brief summary of the three main operating systems (1 paragraph each).  Include the Advantages and Disadvantages of each OS (1 paragraph each).  Make a recommendation on which OS would be best suited to a person you know.  Choose any person you like, but describe why the OS is a good fit for the person's needs.
Due Monday 9/10/12
8/31/2012 Session 3
Google A Day Assignment Due
Google Drive Article Review
Online Notetaking Options
Google Docs

Strata Sessions 1-4Complete Review Assignments for Sessions 1-4

Due Wednesday 9/5
Strata Review Assignments
Journal Entry Due

Account Access
Google Docs/Drive Overview
  • Types of Documents
  • Shared Access
  • Revision History
  • Read the article
Google A Day
  • Start a new document- 8/29 Google A Day- Social Studies.  Share it with me
  • Visit this Link
  • Write the Question
  • Answer the Hints and Record the URL at each site 
  • Write and answer the Follow-Up Questions
  • Due Date: Friday, August 31.
Google Drive Article
  • Read This Article
  • Be prepared to discuss the difference between Google Drive and a USB Flash Drive.  Also, how is Google Drive different from what was known as Google Docs?
Set up Journal
  • Name it First.Last IT Essentials Journal
  • Share it with me
  • Each Journal Entry should be dated and include the question
  • At least one post per week in your journal
  • This week's post-  Scenario:  You are trying to upgrade memory (RAM) in a HP Compaq DC 5800 computer.  Explain how you would attempt to find the type of memory needed in this machine.  Include the maximum amount of memory this machine can use on Windows 7.  Provide the link to a site where you would purchase the memory.
8/27/12- Meeting 1
Course Guidelines
RensselaerSchools Docs

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Created: Jul 16, 2009
Updated: Aug 21, 2013
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Contact Me!

Created: Jul 16, 2009
Updated: Aug 21, 2013
Viewed 1586 times

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