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Girls' Golf in Rensselaer
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I'd like to welcome you to our Girls' Golf page at RCHS.  I have been with the team since 2006.   I throughly enjoy coaching this Varsity team of special ladies.  Our hope is to continue the long tradition of good golf and what it has stood for since the team began in 1982.  Crazy as it is, I was able to be part of that starting team with a terrific coach, Mr. Rich Stefanich.  In 2010 we on our first ever ladies Hoosier Conference title at RCHS. In 2011 we celebrated our 30th year.  This team does an outstanding job during the season competing with some great area teams.  Sectionals is our time to shine and we love participating at the Regional levels.  We always rank high at conference adding to the Indiana Hoosier point system.  Playing golf is a great life long sport and one I am proud to coach. 

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