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The Davisson Brothers
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Terry and Ben Davisson are my two eldest sons.  They have both graduated from RCHS and played on the football teams here.  I wanted to create a page for them so all the students, friends, and community 
could keep track of them and their collegiate experience. 


Western Michigan University
Where is Western Michigan University?

Western is located in Kalamazoo, MI.  It is about 2 & 1/2 hours north east of Rensselaer.  It is a Mid-American Conference D-1 school.  It serves many students from all over the world.  Terry's major at Western was Electrical Engineering.  Ben's major was Business.  They were both part of the football program at Western, receiving full-ride scholarships to attend.  Terry earned his Varsity honors jacket in his second year and has graduated since in 2014.  After 2 year of eligibility and many unneeded injuries, Ben transferred to Saint Joseph College to continue his athletic pursuits in another sport.  He received another athletic scholarship and changed his major to Computer Science and Business.  He now throws shot-put and discus for the SJC track team.  They both love their experience at Western and playing D1 football is something their bodies will never forget.

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